In 2013, Bob was named a Man of Distinction in Houston and a Living Legend by M.D.
Army…Originally visited New Orleans as a teenager with his church youth group for a community service project following Hurricane Katrina.
The conversation with them is that he is a polarizing guy as far as people discussing him, how much weight does the tackling issue play into it versus his coverage, which is really, really good, but then you have this other thing that maybe is lagging a little bit behind?
Are they going to treat it as a nickel package and they didn’t go dime with it, treating them as wide receivers?
It meant a lot really to just have people reach out and be able to pick their brains and see what they’re like, about the team and what they dislike maybe, but everybody spoke highly of it, Jackson said today on his introductory Zoom call.
Alex Smith, the Customized Jersey on this team shaped and formed this team to what it is today.

Vandenberg Elementary and Thomas Jefferson Elementary have received Fuel Up to Play 60 grant funding through the years to help with their taste tests and also purchase heart rate monitors to help motivate students to keep moving.
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26, in Houston.
We have to string it together more on Sundays.

Everything that functions within the framework of the building from the business to marketing to tickets to cleaning to cooking, it’s all about the product.
The times that he had penalties with the cadence were really silent counts.
• After trailing at halftime 20, Stafford completed 22-of-30 passes for 314 yards and two touchdowns with a passer rating of 129 in the second half and overtime.
Caroline: I did know.
If you can imagine what a football team’s equipment room looks like, you’d probably think footballs and pads all over the place, lots of dirt and grass leftover from the players' cleats and a never-ending pile of laundry.

We’re probably one of the better tackling teams in the NFL and certainly a technique, but a lot of that falls onto the players.
16, rushed for 68 yards on 15 attempts with one TD.
And then on the way, I can call up some of my friends in show business, get them on an iPad and have my friends thank them too.
Louisville…Shared team Defensive Player of the Week honors following a season-high 6‐tackle performance vs.
Like Quinn back in 2011, Phillips boasts fairly refined pass-rushing skills heading into the NFL.

If he had to leave here we wanted him in the best possible situation that he could be in.
Which one do you feel more comfortable in and then which one would you to see more improvement in?
We just didn’t execute, as well as we’d like.
He’s not big.
20, started and led team in receiving with nine receptions for 131 yards …Vs.

So there’s that part of the development.
You want to help them put a smile on their face.
It pretty much ended there, but listen I know I still got it in my back pocket so if I need to pull it out I’ll be able to pull it out.
You know, I just, we were hoping to hold this off until Monday, which was probably naive.

In 2014, O’Brien led the team to a 9 record in his first year as the franchise’s head coach.
’11 might’ve been our best team and I lose track, but there is turnover in those years.
But, again, like that’s – again, this is why we are here and we have to trust the things that we believe in and just try to make the decisions that we think make the most sense for the Houston Texans and we’ll hopefully continue to do that each step along the way.
My coach, family, friends around.
The fourth-year running back already had a cozy relationship with the end zone; on Friday, he added a level of permanence that will be talked about for decades as he ran for six touchdowns, tying the NFL single-game record for rushing touchdowns set by Ernie Nevers in 1929.

And I think you’re seeing his playmaking ability even more because he is familiar with what we’re doing defensively and there’s not a lot of thinking going on.